23rd December :National Jurist Conference at Cuttack

20/12/2018 – Arrival of Jurist meeting Members
21/12/2018 – Meeting of Jurist Members
21/12/2018 at 4pm to 5 pm – Programme at Income Tax Commissioner Office 
22/12/2018 – Sight seeing around Cuttack
23/12/2018 – National Jurist Conference (folder attached)
24/12/2018– Departure for Puri & Conference at Puri 
25th & 26th Dec.2018  Sight Seeing in Puri and nearby places.
26th Evening & 27th Morning Departure to destination. 

Cuttack – All India Exhibition Bus Campaign

Cuttack: All India Exhibition Bus Campaign ‘Mera Bharat Swarnim Bharat’ organised by Youth Wing was received with high novelty and grandeur on 27th September at Silver City Cuttack.

Around 200 brothers and sisters with Kalas, Jhanda, placards and band greeted the campaigners at Judicial Academy Chowk and walked with them around 4 Kms upto the Jhanjirimangala Centre. Throughout the day programmes were organised at different schools and colleges of the city. In the evening a public program was organised at Prabhu Samarpan Bhawan, Jhanjirimangala centre. Bro. G.V.V. Sarma, IAS, Member, Board of Revenue, Odisha was the chief guest and Prof. Dr. Babaji Charan Patnaik, Editor, The Jhankar & Former Registrar, Jagannath Sankrit University was the guest of honour. Campaign In-charge, BK Arpita spoke on the topic “Discover the Hero Within”, BK Reshma conducted mass meditation. BK Amardeep shared his experience and Bk Jignesh read the oath for all to recite. BK Avnish Bhai made the audience aware about the aim and object of the campaign. A great service is being done through the Bus Campaign.

Social Wing Conference at Cuttack

Om Shanti. A conference was held by Social Service Wing for social activists at Vishwa Shanti Sarovar, Cuttack and around 55 members of the wing had a meeting among themselves.

Bro. Sashi Bhusan Behera, Hon’ble Minister, Finance & Excise, Odisha inaugurated the conference. Bro. Prafulla Samal, Hon’ble Minister, SSEPD, W&CD, MS&ME, Odisha was the chief guest and Bro. Ln Chandra Sekhar Patnaik, District Governor, Lions Club International 322C5, Angul was the guest of honour. Rajyogi B.K. Amir Chandji and B.K. Prem Singh, Gulbarga gave their valuable speech on the topic ‘New Dimensions in Social Service’. B.K. Arun Panda praised the role of Brahma Kumaris in social service. B.K. Birendra bhai, Shantivan gave a brief introduction about the organiser and Rajyogini Kamlesh Didi gave her blessings to the audience. B.K. Vijaya, Sub-zone In-charge, Gulbarga conducted mass meditation. Around 400 delegates attended the conference.

SpARC Wing conference at Cuttack

A state level conference was organised by SpARC wing on ‘Inner Resilience to Outer Agility’ at Vishwa Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre, Cuttack. Chief Guest of the occasion Prof. Dr. Soumendra Mohan Patnaik, VC, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar inaugurated it. He said emphatically that by communion with God one can enhance his/her inner powers. Rajyogini B.K. Kamlesh said in her blessings that Divine virtues and Good behaviour can be ensured by application of spirituality in practical life. Honourable guest Dr. Abhay Kumar Nayak, Registrar, NISER said the world can be guided better by blending science with spirituality. Rajyogini B.K. Ambika, Chairperson, SpARC Wing, Bangalore inspired the audience to know the self and realise God. B.K. Shrikant, National Coordinator, SpARC Wing, Mount Abu told about the research activities of SpARC wing in collaboration with DRDO, NIMHANS etc. B.K. Balakishore, Hyderabad brought awareness about how to talk to the self and its importance. B.K. Neelima from Chennai and B.K. Chhaya from Bangalore took different sessions to help the audience to raise their potential. Around 700 delegates participated in this conference.

A meeting of all Odisha SpARC members was also held. Around 150 Sparclers participated in this. A bhatti was organised by SpARC wing faculties in which 700 BK brothers ans sisters from all Odisha got benefitted.

We thank Baba and brothers and sisters of our unique divine family for their good wishes for making SpARC Wing conference successful.

Cuttack – Scientists & Engineers Wing Meeting & Conference

Scientists & Engineers Wing’s meeting & training was held on 25th November at Vishwa Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre, Cuttack. Around 60 members from all over India participated in this. Rajyogi Mohan Singhal Bhaiji, National Coordinator of SEW, B.K. Dinesh, B.K. Dhananjay, B.K. Bharat Bhusan, Prof. E.V. Swaminathan, B.K. Khubalkar P.V., Retd. GM, ONGC, B.K. Narendra Patel, Vadodara, B.K. Devayani, Architect, Hyderabad and many more graced the occasion.
On 26th November National Seminar Cum Meditation Retreat for Scientists and Engineers was held at Vishwa Shanti Sarovar from 9 am to 5 pm. Padmashree Dr. Gopal Chandra Mitra, Former Secretary, Works Department, Odisha was the Chief guest of the occasion. Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director, NRRI, Cuttack and Bro. Sashi Shekhar Mohanty, VC & MD, Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd., Jajpur were the guests of honour.
Rajyogi Mohan Singhal Bhaiji said that through Rajyoga we can conquer over five vices and enhance our inner competence. Rajyogini B.K. Kamlesh, Sub-Zone Director, Cuttack gave Godly message regarding descent of God as well gave her blessings. Bro. Nilotpal Roy, CEO, Adhunik Metals shared his experience how he has been benefited by regular practice of meditation. B.K. Bharat Bhusan inspired the audience to learn Rajyoga Meditation.
In the Panel Discussion B.K. Devayani Shinde, Architect, Hyderabad, B.K. Khubalkar P.V.,Bro. Ratan Kumar Saha, AVP and HR Head, Jindal Stainless Ltd, Jajpur, Dr. Bhaktakabi Das, SE, PH Circle, Cuttack gave their valuable suggestions regarding how to overcome challenges in professional life. B.K. Arun Kumar sahoo, AGM, NTPC-SAIL Power Company Ltd., Rourkela facilitated the session. B.K. Dakshya, Surat conducted meditation session. Around 700 scientists and engineers got benefited in this seminar.


Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Congress/Mahasammelan by Brij Mohan Bhaiji

Rajyogi B.K. Brij Mohan, Addl. Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris; Dr. Pushpa Pandey, Eminent Gynaecologist & Gita Scholar, Jabalpur; Hon’ble Justice V. Eshwraiah, Former Acting Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Hyderabad; Prof. Alekh Chandra Sarangi, Former Vice Chancellor, Shri Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri; and Rajyogini B.K. Kamlesh, Sub-Zone Director, Cuttack addressed the audience at Saheed Bhawan, Cuttack.

All were unique in their opinion that the war described in Gita is symbolic of inner war with five vices and this is the time when Gita episode is being repeated.

Prof. A.C. Sarangi said that a conflict between mind and intellect goes on unless until we do something to get rid of it. He said, weapon of Gyan is required to conquer over Lust, Anger and Greed.

Dr. Pushpa Pandey said that Arjun is the one who gains knowledge. Work field is battle field. One has to vigilant on not committing any mistake in the influence of any of the vices.

Hon’ble Justice V. Eswaraiah, Former Acting Chief Justice of High Court of Andhra Pradesh told that it is God who is now giving us the right knowledge to transform our lives.

Rajyogi B.K. Brij Mohan told that we have to practice three things in life which is essence of Gita.

1. Past is Past. So we must put a full stop to the past considering that whatever happened has happened for good only.

2. We must have an attention to Give , give and give only.

3. We should have good wishes for all all the time in our mind.


De-Addition Programme by Govt, of Odisha in collaboration with the BrahmaKumaris in Cuttack:

A Workshop “Spiritual Pathway for good Governance and Social Security, was organized on 23.5.2017 at BrahmaKumaris Vishwa Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre, Cuttack. By Department of Social Security,Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities by Govt, of Odisha in collaboration with the BrahmaKumaris
Sister Manashi Limbhal, IAS The Director Welcome the participant assemble in the workshop. The workshop was represented by Centre Incharge of BrahmaKumaris of 30 Districts of Odisha along with the Hon’ble Minister Prafulla Kumar Samal, Bro. Niten Chandra , IAS, Principal Secretary, Sister Manashi Limbhal, IAS, Director, Social Security Empowerment of persons Department.
The centre of attraction of the Workshop was B.K. Bharti was shared her experience on De-addition Programme Kandhamala District.
The Hon’ble Minister in his speech glorified the activities of BrhamaKumaris and said that the 72.000 Anganwadi Centres of Odisha should have connectivity with the BrahmaKumaris to be apprised of the Spirituality to be imparted to the public.cuttack2

Geeta Pravachan & Rajyoga Shivir by Rajyogini Usha Didi at Cuttack (Odisha)

Three Days’ Rajyoga Shivir by Rajyogini Usha Didiji, Mount Abu has been inaugurated at Cuttack on 27th February 2016 in the morning at 6.30 am. (L-R) Rajyogi Dr. Banarsilal Sah Bhaiji, Swami Aseemananda Saraswati, Hon’ble Justice Shri Raghubir Dash, Retd. Judge, Orissa High Court, Bro. Ajay Barik, Deputy Mayor of Cuttack and Rajyogini BK Kamlesh, , Rajyogini BK Usha, BK Sulochana & BK Arun Kumar Panda, Journalist are lighting candle to inaugurate the function. Around 500 people attended the Rajyoga Shivir. The Shivir continued for 3 days from 27th February to 29th February from 6.30 to 8.00 am at Saheed Bhawan, Cuttack.

On 27th February, in the evening at 6.30 pm Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Pravachan was inaugurated by (L-R) Rajyogi Dr. Banarsi Bhaiji, BK Sulochana, Rajyogini BK Kamlesh, Rajyogini BK Usha, BK Jyoti & Swamiji. Around 800 people attended the Geeta Pravachan for 3 days from 27th Feb to 29th from 6.30 to 8.00 pm at Saheed Bhawan, Cuttack.
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